As a Realtor in the Greater Edmonton area for many years and the owner of a vacation home in California, the desire for information with respect to selling in this market lead me to do extensive research into what the process is, what works and I hope to share it with people who need answers. There are a lot of Canadian owners of vacation properties in the USA who are currently considering selling their homes due to COVID 19. Go ahead and Google ‘can I cross the border to get my personal items from my home in the USA’ and 95% of the information that comes up is going back to March 2020, that’s old news. With the USA/CANADA border currently and indefinitely closed to vehicle traffic how do you get your personal possessions? How do you sign documents? Well I am currently in the process of selling our condo in PGA WEST in La Quinta California and everything I have learned can help you in making the kind of decisions you need to get the sale done effectively and timely, with all your I’s dotted and T’s crossed! I will continue to post the process and in the meantime, if you need some immediate information, please feel free to call me at 780-850-0800 or email

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